Orphans and Abandon Children Ministries

Care for orphaned and abandoned children by developing  and sustaining the future for tomorrow.

Over 90% of orphans in the world live in developing countries. These children are orphaned from such things as HIV/AIDS and  War, Abandonment, and lost of love ones during the plag of Ebola. With no one to care for them, many of these children suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Jesus Christ Soon Coming King Ministries, is reaching out to the World to help support our future generations.

We come alongside non-government organizations that care for orphans and abandoned children in the developing world. Churches, Ministries and Individuals that will work hand in hand with us to better the lives of our children. Our partners work in the United States, Liberia, Africa, and we extend our hands to the World for, productive futures to the abandoned children of Monrovia Liberia.


Jesus Christ Soon Coming King Ministries, help the orphans and abandon children with there educations, feeding, clothing, school uniforms, books and daily structure for Life. We are reaching out to the World to help us assist our Children with there basic needs, and we need God Parents that will be willing to sponsor One Child, with there basic needs. Please will you sponsor One Child Today?  Jesus Christ Soon Coming King Ministries Abandoned Children Foundation, is a nonprofit international volunteering organization.Our mission is to continue building orphanages, schools, and health clinics in Liberia. Working together with volunteers from around the world is what bring our work to light. Providing affordable volunteer trips to Liberia allows us to keep the doors open to many much need facilities around the world.

Your monthly sponsorship of $30 helps provide nourishing daily meals, medical care, clothing, an education, a safe home and a loving Christian staff to care for your sponsor child.

The children write to their sponsors two to four times a year. You can send cards, letters and photos to your sponsor child anytime by mailing the letters to US. We will be sure to get your letters to them and the children will be so encouraged by them! Before Christmas you can send $20 extra so that a special outfit can be bought for your child for Christmas. The children really look forward to this new outfit every year. Birthdays are celebrated .

Listed below are various ways in which you can contribute to this ministry.

Donate To Sponsor A Child

You can make a difference in an orphaned child’s life with an annual donation of $200. Start sponsoring a child now by:

  • Western Union
  • Bank Deposit

Once we receive your payment, we will assign you a specific child and provide you with a photo and more information about your orphan.

Questions? Read more about our orphans program. You can also email us at : Thompson Nyormie <qtnyormie@gmail.com>or call us at (011)2318883 30172  Pastor J. Obediah Mynen,is the resident and head pastor;

Contact our U.S.A Branch, Mother Comfort Wonyen (True Miracle Healing Product) 908-344-7492  or contact our sponsor organization, God’s International Mission, Missionary Jane Elizabeth Levett  919-714-2683

Donate Money

  • We are working on various  modes of payment (including online donations)

Send Books, Toys, Shoes, Clothes

Our sponsored children highly appreciate receiving books, clothes, shoes, and toys. A small gift means so much to a child that has so little.

Attend A Fundraiser

We organize various fundraisers through the year. Attending such an event is a fun way of donating.

Announcements about upcoming fundraisers will be posted in our upcoming event program on this web site.

Organize A Fundraiser

Conduct a fundraising event in your school or at your work, church or home and donate the funds to Jesus Christ Soon Coming King Ministries

Volunteer Your Time

We are always happy to have helpers  at our fundraisers. Other volunteer opportunities include secreterial work.

Corporate Donations

In addition to monies donated by businesses, Jesus Christ Soon Coming King Ministries is always in need of medicines and medical supplies. We welcome companies like these mention and lots more to help with our needs, pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Nyack Hospital have donated monies and medicines. and much more.

Donate Stock

We accept donations of stock of any value. If you would like to donate stock, please contact our organization.

Please join us by sending us your name, email address, and phone number.

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Education is the foundation of a hopeful, productive future, yet in the world today, nearly 75 million children do not have the opportunity to attend primary school. In Africa, one-third of children enrolled in primary school ultimately drop out.

girls in school in pink

Develop programs that empower the poor to lift themselves out of poverty.

More than one billion people live on less than US$1.25 per day. Poverty contributes to malnutrition, lack of education, and inadequate healthcare.

We develop programs that create sustainable income opportunities for people in the developing world. More than a simple “hand out,” these programs help people develop marketable skills they can use for the rest of their life.




The ministry has started some branch churches about four. two in Bong county, and three in Nimba county, place of worship for the newly established churches has been our challenge. We were worshiping in a school building but the school authority asked us out.

We are building a temporary place of worship but need some quick help before the rain starts.
Completion of the kids school building three classes remaining before academic 2016/2017 starts in September.  We need your support!!!
 Rev. Q. Thompson & Monica Nyormie Director and mother of the ministry. Pastor J. Obediah Mynen is the resident and head pastor; and many others.



The eleven stripes symbolize the signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence, red and white symbolizing courage and moral excellence. The white star represents the first independent western-styled republic in Africa, above the blue square representing the African continent.