On February 9, 2014 Mother Comfort saw a vision. In this vision, she saw a
tall skinny young man, long legs, wearing black jeans. The spirit of the Lord
said to her, “murderer, he murdered … ” (deceased name withholding).
The spirit of the Lord continued, tomorrow, tomorrow be at the Hess Gas
Station Orange, NJ at 3:00 pm.
Mother Comfort got there in time. About 10 minutes after 3:00pm she saw
the young man, same description. She asked him if he knew the deceased.
He walked away very fast. She dialed 911 but she got negative response.
Again, on February 11, 2014 the spirit of the Lord said to her, “The young
man that killed (name withholding) be at the same location at 11:00am
this morning.”She got there in time and saw the same suspect. Mother
Comfort dialed 911 and followed him about 3 blocks away. Unfortunately, no
police came so he got away. she gives God all the Glory!
In the same vision the Lord revealed to Mother Comfort that many, many
people will come from jail. In the 3rd week of February, prophetess Jodi
brought confirmation that many people are coming out of jail.
On April 13, 2014 Mother Comfort saw a vision. In this vision, she saw a big
female  wearing only a bra, completely naked. The spirit of the Lord said
to her, “I blessed the Arab Countries with oil because they are Abraham’s
decedents. ‘ the Muslim terrorists are not appreciative and submissive to
my will. ‘they are misusing the oil money. ‘they are bombing nations,
kingdoms, and destroying precious lives with the oil money. ‘Because of
this reasons, I (God) will take the oil from them and give it to third world
countries and the Arab countries will become the poorest countries in the
entire world.”
When the Lord gave her this message for the Arab World, she quoted
2 chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall
humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their
wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land. The Lord said to her, ” stop praying for them.”
He (God) does not want to hear that.
The Lord also revealed to Mother Comfort that every nation under Heaven
will turn on the Muslim terrorists to destroy them. The Lord continued to
say to her that He (God) will destroy the wicked ones but will have mercy
on their children. During this time, the survivals will hide their identities.
On May 15, 2014, The Lord continued to say, “The poorest countries, all of
the Arab Countries. Psalm Ch. 107:33-34 He turnth rivers into a wilderness,
and the water springs into dry ground; A fruitful land into barrenness, for
the wickedness of them that dwell therein.

On May 23, 2014 the Lord revealed to Mother Comfort that four, four

murderers want to capture her, that she should keep her eyes open
The Spirit of Lord said to her, “a man going on the train, stay home.”
they follow you.” The Lord continued to say to her, .”Samson (Samson
 and Delialah) capture, capture. In her vision at the moment she saw a
man excorting her in a basement. He undressed her, She was wearing
tights and under T shirt  only. Also, the Spirit of the Lord said to her.
“Obama, Obama will send rescuers to get you from that horrible basement.
In Her vision on July 30, 2014, she saw a Muslim man having dark
mark on his forehead. The Lord revealed to her that the man is a
hijacker and kidnapper While in route from Newark to Trenton, the
Lord gave Mother Comfort several warnings not to go.
While on the train from Trenton to Bristol, a familiar follower got on
the train and made a sarcastic remark to the conductor about Mother
Comfort, to distract her from rebuking him.
At the Bristol Station she missed the bus. A fair skin man asked her
if she needed a cap. She said no and walked to a near by post office
and an employee gave her a cap number. She called the cap company.
A  white van , black writing, driver wearing long bald, dark mark on his
forehead as she had previously seen in her vision came.
Mother Comfort gave him the address of her destination. He asked her
if she knew her way around the city? She said no. He said that the fare
is 8 or 9 dollars. She got on and he began texting. While sitting, the Lord
spoke to her, “Comfort, taxi driver, familiar face, get off, kidnap.” The
Angel of the Lord got her out speedily. When he realized that she was
out,  he said to her,”Come back!  I take you for $4.00.
When she got to her destination, she informed her prayer partner and
they called the police and reported the matter, to take this man from the
On August 8, 2014 the Lord continued to reveal to her that this cap driver
had kidnapped so many people. In her vision, she saw heads of many
people whom he had slaughtered. He took this driving job because it
is  easy to get his vitims. Aslo, after that incident, she saw a vision of
a white woman being kidnapped and slaughtered. She was in so much
pains and agony..
On January 21, 2012/2013 Mother Comfort had a vision. She saw a person
 under a bridge. He had something like an explosive device. The Lord said
to her, “The Muslims, major highways in the US.” She called the police and
prophesized. On May 1, 2012 some of them were arrested.
On April 26, 2013 The Lord said to Mother Comfort, “They sacrificed human
being, human sacrifice,” The Lord continued to say to her, “New York, New
York, New York, I AM THAT I AM, I AM.” In her vision she saw Penn Station,
around New Jersey Transit Area.  While standing and looking in that
vision, she saw the 2 train lines shaking terribly. Again, she saw a man took
something like an object out of his shirt pocket near the New Jersey
Transit Area.  At about 6:30pm on April 26, 2013, she saw a dark being
rubbed its backside (witchcraft) on 2 pillars near the New Jersey Transit
Area.  On that night, the Lord instructed her to go to New York Penn Station
to prophesize.  Mother Comfort went and prophesied to 3 police officers on duty.
 God gets all Glory!
On April 27, 2013 The Lord instructed her to go and walk around and anoint
the pillars.
It was probably 2008/2009 The Lord revealed to Mother Comfort that an
earth quake was coming to New York. She asked her prayer partners and
some former co-workers from the Waldorf Astoria to join her pray for New
York.  After some days went by the Lord Led her to Irvington Bus Terminal
to meet some police officers. At the Terminal, she prophesized to the chief
who was walking with a dog. He said to Mother Comfort, mem, I just
received a call a minute ago that a slight earth quake had hit New York.
Thank God for answering our prayers.
Mother Comfort had a vision many years ago that there will be an earth
quake that will divide New Jersey and New York. She saw a big hole no one
was able to travel to neither states.  May God have mercy on us.
On January 5, 2015  In her vision she saw a person’s feet going down like
the ground opened. She saw buildings collapsing, people running
everywhere. The spirit of the Lord said to Mother Comfort, “New York, an
earth quake, October.” The prayer line and other believers are praying for
New York.
Proverb 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that
keepth the law, happy is he.
The Lord revealed to Mother Comfort that there was a plot to destroy
George Washington Breach in New York. She dialed 911 and prophesied
to a female operator. The operator was very pleasant. After a month or
more, fake engineers were arrested on the breach. To God be all the Glory!
On April 19, 2013 At about 7:30 the Lord said to Mother Comfort, “Muslims”
in her vision she saw smoke rising up. The Lord said to her again, “keep
transportation.” On April 23, 2013, about 8:30 am the Lord said to Mother
Comfort, New York, New York, New York Islamic (terrorist). In her vision,
she saw the entrance of the subway near 7th Ave. around Times Square
area. She saw a man going in the subway. The Lord said to her, “explosive,
explosive, in the afternoon explosive, in the afternoon tomorrow,
tomorrow. ” The Lord told her to go to New York 33rd St. and prophesize.
She was instructed by God not to go in the streets but to remain in the
subway. She obeyed. While walking around , she saw a police officer on
duty and she prophesized to him. Glory to God the man was arrested on
April 25,2013.
On March 2, 2014 The spirit of the Lord said to Mother Comfort, “Time
for war let the female/ soldiers stay home, home base. ‘do not send
females on the front line no more.” In her vision she saw large waves
of water rushing and coming towards her. The spirit of the Lord said to her,
“It is coming soon. ‘America is about to go to war with a nation. ‘Again,
time for war let the female/soldiers stay home, home base.”
On March 5, 2014 The Lord stressed, “Do not send women to war.” The
Lord instructed Mother Comfort to call the Chief of Staff’s Office to deliver
this message to him. She dialed a certain number and an operator gave her
the number and she prophesized to a female operator. It was well received.
On January 8, 2015 The Lord gave the same message to Mother Comfort
saying to her, “Time for war, favor, front line, send male/soldiers from
20 years and older. Number Ch. 1:3 From twenty years old and upward, all
that are able to go forth to war in Is’-ra-el: thou and Aa’-ron shall number
them by their armies.
On February 25, 2014 Mother Comfort heard the spirit of the Lord saying to
her, “Needle.” She saw a syringe in her vision. In that vision, the Lord
revealed to her that a black woman in Florida is the killer. Again, the Lord
said, “Defaming, Defaming, ‘this woman is destroying this young man’s life.”
Mother Comfort saw someone in an electric chair. The Lord continued to
say to her, “He is innocent, the young man, the young man in Ohio.
‘Innocent man electric chair, Ohio, Ohio let Obama rescue him. ‘He
is preaching. ‘The families are crying. Stop the execution!
The Lord instructed Mother Comfort to call the state of Ohio to let this
young man go free because he is innocent. She dialed certain number in
Cleveland, Ohio and prophesized to an operator. He gave her a number for
Columbus, Ohio. It was from one operator to another. Finally, she got
connected to the Governor’s Office and she prophesized to a female
operator. Thank God for this operator.
On May 27, 2014 the Lord revealed certain terrorist name to Mother
Comfort (withholding). On May 28, 2014 the Lord revealed the same name
to her twice. The Lord said to her, ” New York, New York midnight,
Washington midnight. ‘They come one way and flee seven ways. The Lord
continued to say to her, “They (FBI) is arresting them, the heathen, because
the prayer line prayed.
On May 30th and June 1, 2014 The Lord continued to say to her, “New York,
Washington,, New York. In her vision, she saw a man’s heels to a door. She
heard the spirit of the Lord saying to her, “Muslim wearing white Muslim’s
pants, Muslim.” In her vision, she saw something dropped from him. ‘They hinder”.
It was also revealed to her that their first attack will be on the Precinct on
Clinton Ave. and Bergen St., Newark, NJ. She saw the building fell flat to
the ground. The spirit of the Lord continued to say to her, “Muslims,
maintenance men power, the power, the power.” Again, she saw
something like oil on the ground. The spirit of the Lord said to her, “It is
done, no matter what (God is in control) on the ground Washington’s Court
Building, maintenance men (the terrorists are using maintenance men).
‘it takes an hour, trouble makers, military uniforms. ‘They are using gray
and white military uniforms pretending to be military men.
The Lord opened Mother Comfort’s spiritual eyes she saw Corey Booker
laying flat on his back in the middle of Broad Street, opposite the City Hall
Newark, New Jersey, wearing blue jeans and white t shirt either dead or
alive. The Lord said to her, “Go to the City Hall early this morning and
prophesize. Tell them not to kill him.” She called prophetess Victoria to
accompany her. They stood in the front of the City Hall. They prophesied
and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The plot was revealed to the
public the following week after her prophecy. Glory to God!
In Mother Comfort’s vision she saw thick dark smoke mixed with fire
rising from the Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, NJ. the Lord instructed her
to go to the hotel and prophesize. Three sisters accompanied her. She
prophesied to the Front Desk Manager. The terrorists were arrested.
He (God) alone is exalted.
July 25, 2014 In her vision she saw a ugly brown blanket on the ground on
her left side. The spirit of the Lord said again, “Islamic , they want to
capture Obama, three men, they are looking, looking. They want to
capture him in the afternoon.
Mother Comfort was astonished at what the Lord was revealing to her. She
and Mother King continued to pray for more understanding of the revelations.
After the prayer the spirit of the Lord said to her, They want to bring him
down (Obama) plane crash.” Mother Comfort saw something like overhead
lauggage compartment. It shook so terribly until she felt the vibration in
her body. She heard, “Obama, Muslims terrorist,” She also saw a security
guard. On July 24,2014 While on the prayer line, the Lord opened Mother
Comfort’s spiritual eyes, she saw vision of a man standing like an Angel
dead bodies around him. She heard the spirit of the Lord saying, “Many
men will die.” The Lord gave her Exodus Ch. 14:13 And Mo’-ses said unto
the people, Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD……..
On July 21, 2014 In Mother Comfort’s vision she saw someone going to
jail. She heard a loud voice out of her body saying, “My God! Have mercy on
him. ” She heard the spirit of the lord saying to her, “The President,
tomorrow. ” Again, she saw the President in a hole/basement sleeping on
blanket on a bare floor. The spirit of the Lord continued to say, “The terrorists
are trying to capture him.”
On July 22, 2014 the Lord instructed her to call Mother Yah King to join her
pray for the President’s protection. After praying and binding the enemy in
Jesus’ Name, she saw a demon collapsed on its knees. She also saw a ugly
teeth demon like skeleton and a witchcraft. In that vision, she saw a huge
lion sprung on the followers, Muslim terrorists. The Lord said again, “Great
victory over Islamic witchcrafts, victory over witchcrafts. She called the
White House Hotline and prophesied. It was well received. Glory to God!


On December 22, 2014 In her vision she saw a black iron gate being lifted.
The spirit of the Lord said to her, “Obama, the terrorists want to capture
Obama and lock him up behind the black gate that’s why the Muslims are
following you. They want to go through the back yard of where he is living.”
The Lord continued to say to her, “Drinking. ‘He, Obama must not drink
strong drink.” On that same day she picked up her Bible to look for a
paper. The Bible opened to her on its own accord to Judges Chapter 13:4-5
Now therefore beware, I pray thee, and drink not wine nor strong drink,
and eat not any unclean thing: For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son;
and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Naz’-a-rite
unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver Is’-ra-el out of the
hand of the Phil’-is-tines .
She prophesied to 2 police officers on So, Orange Ave., Newark, NJ.  When
she got home the Lord instructed her to call the White House and
prophesize which she did. To God be the Glory!
Few days before July 19, 2011, The Lord gave her a revelation. She saw a
plane came down and broke the roof of a building. She heard the Lord
saying to her, “Washington, DC.”
About 12:00am or 12:15am on that morning, She saw an enemy of
President Obama. In this revelation, She saw double hands on a paddle, a
pilot being controlled by a hijacker. Before the plane fell on the building,
she warned the people to evacuate in a hurry.
On July 20, 2011, she was still praying for clarity. She  heard the Lord
saying to her, “call the White House now. ‘No plane flies over Washington,
DC on this Tuesday. ‘It is clear enough. Now arise call and prophesize. she
called the White House immediately and prophesied. She gives God all the Glory!
On March 14, 2014 The Lord said to Mother Comfort, “7:00 am news
 New York, 7:00am news New York, he did not do it.’ 7:00 am news
New York.” (a man on the 7:00am news in New York is innocent).
On that morning Mother Comfort accompanied a sister for surgery at
a certain hospital in New Jersey. She caught the 7:00am news in the
middle and she did not fully understand what was said about a man
wearing blue shirt. She repented for not informing the law enforcement
officers in New York. She gives God all the Glory for such a prophetic gift.
On February 5, 2014 Mother Comfort saw a vision of a thick dark smoke
rising from the State of New York. In that vision, the Lord told her that
the smoke was from New York Beth Israel Hospital. The Muslim terrorists
want to carry out this mass destruction on the 14th in the hospital.
The Lord continued to say to her that they (terrorists) will die, followers,
pursuers. In that same vision she saw black and purple colors. She saw
tears in the eyes of many people. The Lord said to her, tears, “mighty.”
Again, the spirit of the Lord said to her. “New York, New York, Beth Israel
Hospital prayer request.” She saw a white car in her vision and heard the
spirit of the Lord saying to her, “Muslim terrorists New York any time from
now they will attack the hospital. ‘Get ready, make phone calls and get on
the prayer line. ‘He came from Libya (the attacker) followers, they follow
you. ‘He will pretend to be crazy, like mad man, put shield of protection
on every door, terrorists. ‘He is acting like he is crazy.” In her vision she saw
something like water bottle pouring, liquid bomb.  She gives God all the Glory!
On October 10, 2012 The Lord opened Mother Comfort spiritual eyes, she
saw red and black fire. The Lord said to her, “9:00am West 4 Street, New
York.” she saw a security guard standing by a greenish, like khaki color
door, opposite this building she saw a Muslim man coming out of a black
car to attack.  The Lord continued to say to her, “#2 building, tall building
#2.” She called and prophesied. It was well received. The Glory goes to the Lord.
On October 1, 2012 Mother Comfort saw a vision of a man digging from the
New Jersey Transit Area towards the police booth, Penn Station, New York.
The enemy had planned to carry out this mass destruction on October 3,
2012. She called Penn Station Police and prophesied.  God gets all the Glory.