Thur, had lumps in her breast, she called Mother Comfort, and told her about her illness. Mother Comfort, introduced  Thur to True Miracle. After taking True Miracle Products, Thur went to her doctor for a check up, her doctor confirmed that the lumps had disappeared from her breast. Wow! To God Be all the Glory! She is healed today.

 Thur,  Atlanta GA


Barbra, had lumps in her breast, the Spirit of God led Mother Comfort to meet Barbra.  Mother Comfort introduced True Miracle to Barbra. Today Barbra is healed of every lump. Glory to God!

Barbra, New Jersey


Annie, had lumps in her breast. She called Mother Comfort to prepare True Miracle for her! Today Annie is healed of every lump! Glory to God!

Annie, Atlanta GA


Marie had a growth in her stomach. She was scheduled for surgery, she called for True Miracle, after taking the product, she went back to her doctor, the growth shrunk and disappeared. The doctor confirmed that she is healed.  Thank you Jesus Christ!

Marie, Newark New Jersey


When the Lord gave Mother Comfort  this revelation, He told her that healing will begin on the 2nd day of their treatments with True Miracle Product.

Sharon’s father had  throat cancer. He was not walking, or eating, he was being fed on tubes. Mother Comfort met Sharon by revelation.  Mother Comfort introduced True Miracle to Sharon. Sharon gave True Miracle to her father.  On the night of the second day, Mother Comfort called Sharon to follow up. Sharon was screaming on the phone!  “what did you give to my father”? Mother Comfort responded, is he alright? Sharon said to

Mother Comfort, my father is eating, walking and talking!!!  Glory and Honour  to God Almighty!!! He is healed today.

Sharon, New Jersey


Jennifer, had a severe sore throat !  she had difficulty in swallowing.  Mother Comfort introduced True Miracle to Jennifer. Today Jennifer is healed from sore throat.  Glory to God!

Jennifer, Elizabeth New Jersey


Jodi  had been battling with stomach cancer, she had 8 cancer surgeries and could not get better.  Mother Comfort encouraged Jodi to try True Miracle.  Jodi told Mother Comfort that she was ready to try True Miracle.  After Jodi’s treatment, she went for a doctor’s visit and he confirmed that she is healed of cancer.  Glory to God!  Thank you Jesus Christ.

Jodi, Clifton New Jersey


Albert, had been battling with stomach cancer for a long time. The Spirit of the Lord led Mother Comfort to meet Albert.  He told Mother Comfort about the problems he had been battling with. Mother Comfort introduced Albert to True Miracle, after completing the treatment, he went to his doctor for check up.  The doctor asked him, “what did you take”? Albert responded, “a woman gave me some liquid to drink. What a happy day for Albert!!! The doctor confirmed total healing for Albert.

To God Be The Glory!

Albert, Newark New Jersey


Elliott, was battling with cancer, he was on his death bed. He called Mother Comfort and told her about his condition. The Lord led Mother Comfort quickly to administer True Miracle to him.  Elliott said to Mother Comfort, “the pills the doctor gave to him is not helping at all, but was making his situation worse.” After his treatment with True Miracle, Mother Comfort called to follow up on Elliott. He said to Mother Comfort, that he

is back on his feet, except he felt a little weak. After completing the treatment, Elliott visited the doctor’s office and to his surprise the doctor told him to stop taking the True Miracle Medicine.

Mother Comfort gives God the Glory for his healing power in True


Elliott, Newark New Jersey


Koe had stomach cancer, she called Mother Comfort to share what was going on in her life.  Mother Comfort shared True Miracle Product , after completing the treatment, Koe, confirmed with her doctor that she was healed of stomach cancer.  Glory to God!

Koe, Philadelphia


Alice, was diagnosed with 3 fibroids. Mother Comfort  met Alice by

revelation. Alice explained her problems, Mother Comfort introduced True Miracle to Alice.  She agreed to take the product.  After her treatment Alice went to her doctor for checkup, she found out that two fibroids had disappeared. Glory to God!

Alice, New Jersey


Elenior, was diagnoised with two fibroids, she called Mother Comfort and told her about her condition. Mother Comfort told Elenior about True Miracle.  Elenior decided to take the treatment, after her treatment, she confirmed with her doctor, and to her surprise the fibroids disappeared.

Thank you Jesus Christ!

Elenior, Atlanta GA


Mama, had a growth on her body, she called Mother Comfort for True Miracle, she took the treatment. Mother Comfort, called to fine out how she was doing.  Glory to God, the growth on her body disappeared.   Glory to God!

Mama,  Philadelphia



Dawn had lungs and bone cancer.  She was admitted to the hospital.  Dawn was not walking, eating, the doctor gave her six months to live.  While in the hospital, Dawn had a dream.  In this dream, she saw her

friends, Kema and Kim, brought medicine to the hospital.   Well as God would have it, Kema and Kim, called for True Miracle, Mother Comfort prepared the herb and Kema and Kim took it to the hospital. When they arrived there, Dawn said to them, I dreamed about you guys bringing me some medicine, I am ready for it! the second day of her treatment, Dawn was sitting up, eating, walking her visitors to the elevator, the doctors was amazed . Today Dawn is healed and delivered of Lungs and Bone Cancer.  Dawn is praising God for her life, that she is able to raise her children. She is healed forever!  Thank you Jesus Christ!

Dawn, Hill Side New Jersey


Markan lost her voice. She had throat cancer. She went to doctors in

Liberia but her condition got worse. She came to the United states for
medical treatment. Sister Ann invited her to the prayer line. While praying
for her, the Lord revealed to Mother Comfort that Markan had throat
cancer. She introduced True Miracle to her and she requested for True
Miracle Cancer Healing product. Glory to God Markan is healed from throat
cancer. She’s back to Liberia. She calls now and than to say hi to the prayer
line members. God gets all the Glory.




Dorothy’s daughter Annie was very ill with the HIV/AIDS Virus.  She lost a lot of weight .  People thought she would die, but Dorothy called Mother Comfort and explained what her daughter had been passing through. Mother Comfort contacted her agent in Monrovia, Liberia.  He rushed to the aid of Annie in Liberia, gave her the treatment. After the treatment today Annie is healed! Glory to God! Her doctor was shock and could not believe what she saw. Dorothy called Mother Comfort and thank her for True Miracle, and all that God is doing through Mother Comfort, that her daughter Annie is back on her feet  and doing her normal duties. She has gained her weight back.The Doctor told her to continue her medication.

Annie, Monrovia Liberia


Sister S. , called Mother Comfort and shared with her all that she have been passing through with HIV/AIDS, taking the AIDS Medication and not getting better. Well Mother Comfort prepared the True Miracle for Sister S., but before mailing the package, Sister S. had a dream. “ She dreamed that someone told her in the dream that the product the woman is sending to you is very powerful take it, it will heal you. This will be a sign to you, when you take the medicine you will have a running stomach for two days, this means the virus is leaving your body”!!!  After Sister S’s treatment,

she went to her doctor, the doctor said that the virus is no longer in her blood, that she should come back after five months for checkup. Sister S. had gained her weight back, no more weakness in her body, and she is rejoicing that God Almighty had given her a second chance to live again.  Thank you, Jesus Christ!

Sister S., United States


Mr. B., had HIV/AIDS, he heard about True Miracle, he immediately called Mother Comfort to have the product shipped to him.  After his treatment, he called Mother Comfort to say thank you.  He said, “Sister Comfort, I have no more weakness in my body, I am gaining my weight back”. Mr. B., visited his doctor and the doctor told him to continue his medicine. Thank you, Jesus Christ !

Mr. B,  Texas




In order to prove God’s healing power in this HIV/AIDS  True Miracle Product, she is requesting that all HIV/AIDS hospitals, clinics, around the world allow God to bring back to life HIV/AIDS patients that are on their death beds first.   MIRACLE  ISAIAH 53:5, but He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peach was upon Him; and with his stripes we are healed.



Theresa was suffering from diabetes and cholestoral illnesses. She had been taking the diabetes medicine and could not get better.  She call for True Miracle, Mother Comfort prepared the herb and packaged the product for shipment. After her treatment, she went to her doctor, the doctor confirmed that both diabetes and cholestoral are healed.  Glory to the King of Kings!  Thank You Jesus!

Theresa, Minnesota


Caroline, was diagnosed with diabetes , her Christian Mother Olive told her about True Miracle.  Caroline called for True Miracle, after her treatment she went to her doctor and it was confirmed by her doctor she is healed.    Praise God!

Carolina, Minnesota


Barbra’s, son, sugar level was very high he was suffering from diabetes for a long time.  Well one morning , Mother Comfort was directed by the Spirit of God to Hess Gas Station.  Barbra and her son was buying gas, she began telling her about his battles with diabetes.  Mother Comfort introduced Barbra to True Miracle,  Barbra requested immediately.  After his treatment his sugar level dropped to normal.  To God Be All The Glory.

Barbra, New Jersey

Weight loss water, so far two persons have conceived! to God be all the Glory.

The Lord has repeatedly told Mother Comfort that True Miracle, cures for
Aids/HIV cancer, diabetes and more will raise the Nation’s economy to
70% . Glory to the Almighty God!
NOTE: Please be aware that Mother Comfort’s medicines, True Miracle,
has been stolen by a group of lawyers and individuals and they are using them here in the United states and abroad.
People are following Mother Comfort and her closed friends everywhere,
harassing, tormenting their lives, and making their  lives  miserable. These followers are intercepting her mails and shipments.  The Lord revealed to Mother Comfort that this group of Lawyers and the individuals are making human sacrifices (witchcrafts) to totally gain power over True Miracle. They
have tried so many time to destroy her life but thanks be to Daddy God for
his protection.
The terrorists have tried so many times to gun her down, kidnap, poison,
and to roll her over, etc. They have done so many human sacrifices
to destroy her live. Whenever she moves into a black communities they
use black followers likewise white communities. Isaiah Ch. 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and
every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness  is
of me, saith the LORD.